Monday, June 29, 2009



It's always the way isn't it, you get an idea in your mind to do something and yet there are a number of hurdles and road blocks along the way. My road block at the moment is the fact that I can't find any land in the region I want to build that is the size I want (over 1 acre) and not going to cost me an arm and a leg (and a kidney, heart and liver!).

I have always had this "dream location" in my mind..picture is about 4 acres, has distant ocean views, slightly rolling fields and the trickle of a small creek running through it. Yes, that's the land I will buy when I win the $90M lotto this week! Realistically though (bringing myself back down to earth now!) I know that I am not going to get this with the budget I have to work with so I am just happy for a simple acre of land at this point...preferably not next to a power plant though, I am desperate but not that desperate! So the search continues! Meanwhile I guess I will keep planning the design.

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